April 28, 2013

Organically Yours - Year of Jewelry Week 17

Antler tip pedant on a macrame necklace by Sherri Stokey
Our theme for this week for the Year of Jewelry was Organically Yours.  I stink at free-form business, so I decided to take the organic theme literally.  My dad made some antler buttons and some antler tip pendants for me a while back and I thought this would be the perfect project for them.  I painted a couple of lines on the pendant to add some color and interest, and then I sanded most of it back off to keep it looking weathered and rustic.

Altered antler tip pendant, painted and sanded

I wanted just a little more color, so I added a cool recycled glass bead from Ghana.  I love the imperfections in the glass.

Recycled glass bead from Ghana

My usual nylon cord just didn't seem right for this project, so I dug deep and pulled out some hemp.  It just isn't consistent enough for fussy micro macrame pieces, but it's exactly what this piece needed.

macrame knots in hemp cord with bone beads

Oh, and those two beads in that last photo?  Bone.  Then one of Dad's buttons for a closure to finish it off.

Antler slice button

And there you have it:  Organically Yours.

Knotted hemp macrame necklace by Knot Just Macrame with antler pendant and button


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