November 29, 2016

Twin Dragons and More

Brrrrrr!  It's been so long since I've posted our weather has changed!  We had been having a pretty mild autumn with temperatures still getting into the 70's regularly but today it's windy and cold.  I am not impressed.  The cold weather does make it feel more like the time of year to be thinking about the holidays, so I guess that's appropriate at least.

I may not have been posting, but I haven't been idle.  Several new dragon bracelets have hit my Etsy shop including some with a new twin dragon button and a few (like the ecru colored one above) are still available.  They're unique, original and pretty if you're looking for something special for the dragon lover or Game of Thrones fan in your life.

The beads I used are the same in all the versions and they're some of my favorites:  neutral with hints of color so they're not boring.  While I had them out, I used them in another micro macrame bracelet pattern, too.

In between the macrame sessions, I've managed to babysit a sick toddler, spatchcock a turkey and make a full Thanksgiving dinner with dressing that would have made my Gramma Betty proud.  I also decorated three Christmas trees, wrapped 24 presents for my daughter (my version of an advent calendar for her) and make several arrangements with live greenery and fresh flowers.  And that's my excuse for not posting sooner.  I'll do better, I promise.  Meanwhile, I'll leave you with something pretty - this is one of my trees:

November 15, 2016


Micro macrame bracelets by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame.

Last week was tough for me on so many levels, but it's getting better.  I'm looking for the beauty in things instead of focusing on the negatives and for me, it's the only way to heal.  I've been limiting the time I spend on social media (boy is it ugly there lately) and have been working in a color palette inspired by my beloved Doxie, Sweetheart:

Sweetheart the Doxie color palette.

It's still strange not having her at my side.  I still find myself glancing at the front door to see if she needs in or out and pausing when I put my footrest down so I don't hit her with it.  The other day I had to sweep the floor when I finished cooking and that made me cry; we used to laugh that we didn't need a broom as long as we had her around.  But I'm also remembering all the good times - her manic laps from one end of the house to the other when she was really excited (we called them zoomers) and her love of grapefruit (go figure!).

I turned to micro macrame because the movements are comforting for me after so many hours spent knotting (usually with her laying right beside me).  The colors make for really striking bracelets with great contrast between the black and white and golden brown.

Micro macrame bracelets in Sweetheart color palette.

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to better days.  Hugs to all.

November 10, 2016

Goodbye, Sweetheart

It is never easy to say goodbye to a friend.  My little miniature dachschund, Sweetheart, had been at my side for over fourteen years.  Technically she was my son's dog, but she had decided long ago that I was her human and anyone who's had a doxie knows there is no changing their minds.  Ever.  They are very stubborn little critters and unfailingly loyal.  

Someone suggested I make a piece of jewelry in her memory and it was incredibly theraputic.  I spent a day looking for a photo, which led to looking back through fourteen years worth of happy memories.  I found myself smiling more than crying.  

I decided to use a color palette based on Sweetie colors (or Boo as I called her), with black and brown and white cord and beads.  I made micro macrame bracelet and I think it's really beautiful.  

A long time ago I'd picked up some doxie charms.  It adds the perfect little touch:

Goodbye, Boo.  You will be forever in my heart.

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