September 30, 2016

Feathers for Fall

Micro macrame bracelet by Sherri Stokey with porcelain feather by Majoyoal.

You may have noticed I have a weakness for pretty focal pieces, especially handmade artisan ones.  Back at the beginning of the month I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive this pretty handmade porcelain feather bracelet bar from Mari Carmen Rodriguez Martinez of Majoyoal.  The gift came with strings attached (no pun intended) and I had to agree to make something with it.  Whew, what a tough assignment (read with sarcasm).  

Micro macrame feathers and beaded strands.

The first thing I did was to attach literal strings to the piece (bwahahaha) because I'm all about the macrame.  I wanted to do something to sort of mimic the lines of the feather, so I modified my Falling Leaves pattern, elongating it and adding a "quill".

Micro macrame feathers and beaded strands.

To add a bit more color and some different texture, I added a couple strands of seed beads and made it a multi strand bracelet.  I think it's a fun piece and spot on for the autumn season!

Micro macrame bracelet by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame.

Many thanks to Mari for the gift of her gorgeous focal and to Janice Everett of J-Lynn Jewels who put together a great Facebook group and this component giveaway!

September 27, 2016

Some New Things

Micro macrame bracelet with owl button.

A few new micro macrame bracelets hit my Etsy shop this week, including this cute owl!  I picked up this button some time ago and have been hoarding it for reasons I'll never know, but I came across it again the other day and decided it was time to let go.  I think I remember getting multiples of this guy because I loved him so much, but verification of that theory would require digging through my rather sizable (and seriously unorganized) stash.  (Wanna see?  Check out this post.)

Micro macrame bracelet with skull button.

I did come across a few TierraCast Skully buttons during one of my forays - I adore these little dudes.  Something about the expression on his (her?) face (skulls have expressions, right?) just tickles me.  

Micro macrame bracelet with globe button.

This globe (atlas? map? world?) button is also from TierraCast and you know how I love pairing copper with matte metallic khaki iris beads, so this piece was easy to design.  

All three of these bracelets are available in my shop, so if you see something you like I hope you'll pop over and support a small business :)  

September 14, 2016

And Summer is Gone Again...

Micro macrame bracelet by Sherri Stokey with leaf focal.

As much as I love fall, it's always tinged with a little sadness at the passing of summer.  I've tried to console myself this year playing with some beautiful hand painted maple leaf buttons from Susan Clarke Originals.  The leaf in the macrame bracelet above had lots of rusty orange in it and I paired it with a neutral cord and shiny cut seed beads.  I had another leaf with much softer color in it that I paired with my trusted matte metallic khaki iris beads.  I think after much debate the bottom one came out ahead in the "which one do you like more" voting, but it was close.

Micro macrame bracelets from Knot Just Macrame with leaf focals.

After getting a little bored with the neutrals, I went in search of some color.  The colors people typically picture when they think of autumn are mostly warm colors and I have trouble with those, so these are my colors of fall this year:

The colors of fall according to Sherri Stokey - featured in micro macrame bracelets.

The coppery colors give a nod to autumn (and the leaves themselves) but I gotta be me, so of course I had to include some shades of turquoise.

Turquoise leaf micro macrame bracelet.

Turquoise leaf in copper micro macrame bracelet.

Turquoise leaf micro macrame bracelet by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame.

Turquoise leaf in copper micro macrame bracelet by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame.

The colder weather also has me thinking about firing up the oven for some homemade bread or putting on a big pot of chili.  How about you?  Is the weather changing where you are?

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