July 22, 2016

My Purple Phase

I was on a purple kick last week.  C-lon has a couple shades of purple cord that make my mouth water just to look at them.   Combining one of them with a great focal and a few supporting beads, you can't go wrong.  

See?  Add a great Czech glass button and *wow*!!

This button isn't even glass.  I think it's just plastic, but I absolutely love the color and the design so I guess I don't care.  If I could fine more of these, I'd buy a couple dozen!  I like to pair it with copper or red bronze beads and the purple really makes them pop.

For this one I used a pewter button and matte black iris beads.  Yes, I know they're not really black, but apparently they start out black and the coating gives them the lovely blue, purple and green colors?  I don't have to understand the process to love the product, thank goodness.

Those beads look great paired with black cord, too.  

Some of these micro macrame bracelets have already sold, but those that are left (and all new pieces I make) can be found in my Etsy shop:  KnotJustMacrame.etsy.com  If you're looking for a special piece of handmade jewelry (for yourself or as a gift for someone else) that isn't quite like everything else, I hope you'll take a minute and look around the shop.  Many thanks in advance!

If you'd rather make your own micro macrame jewelry, don't forget that registration is open for the Denver micro macrame classes next month.  You can find all the details on that in this post.

Happy knotting!

July 18, 2016

Upcoming Micro Macrame Classes

Rocky Mountain Bead Society

It's happening!  I'm teaching in Denver next month!  The Rocky Mountain Bead Society has graciously invited me to their fair city and is sponsoring four days of micro macrame classes!  I'm ridiculously excited (as you can probably gather from the exuberant use of exclamation marks) for this opportunity.  Classes will be Thursday, August 18th through Sunday, August 21st and include the following:

Micro Macrame Wrap bracelet class by Sherri Stokey.

The Micro Macrame Wrap Bracelet class: great for beginning students as a way to get familiar with knotting and working with cord as well as a good review for more seasoned knotters.  We will cover five of the most common knots used in micro macrame working with .9mm cord.

Micro Macrame Leaves bracelet class by Sherri Stokey.

Micro Macrame Leaves Bracelet class:  a more challenging project than the Wrap, but still suitable for beginners (especially those with seed bead experience).  Lots of practice on double half hitch knots and working with the smaller .5mm cord.

Micro Macrame Hydrangeas bracelet class by Sherri Stokey.

Micro Macrame Hydrangeas Bracelet class:  combining beading and knotting working with mostly double half hitch knots and larks head knots.  The results look like beaded lace!

Micro Macrame ZigZag bracelet class by Sherri Stokey.

Micro Macrame ZigZag Bracelet Class:  one of my favorite patterns with endless possibilities for cord and bead variations.

If you're interested in taking any of these classes, registration is now open on the Rocky Mountain Bead Society's web page.  They're offering special pricing for members (their annual dues are very reasonable) but registration is open to non-members as well.  This is a great opportunity to build your knotting skills in a progression of classes if you like, or simply choose one that interests you the most.  I hope to see you there!!

July 5, 2016

A New Micro Macrame Tutorial: Chains!

Micro macrame chains tutorial from Knot Just Macrame.

I have a new micro macrame tutorial available!  It's called "Chains" (for fairly obvious reasons) and is available in my Etsy shop here.  

I spent a lot of time figuring out all the things that could go wrong and the best way to avoid those pitfalls.  Proof:

Macrame chains trial & error.

The final product is a 19 page .pdf with over 70 photos included.  There are step by step instructions with lots of clear pictures.  I'd rate this as maybe an intermediate project, but the instructions are clear enough that an ambitious beginner could probably handle it.

Micro macrame chain links size comparison.

The tiny links are roughly 1 cm long if you make the chain with the .5mm cord called for in the instructions.  I'm planning to experiment with larger and smaller cord just to see if it works (I can't see why it wouldn't).  You can use the chains as bracelets or in necklaces - most anywhere you would use a metal chain.

Micro macrame chains graphic from Knot Just Macrame.

And just for fun, I added the secret to making two color chains for those of you who want to try it:

Two color micro macrame chain from Knot Just Macrame.

If you haven't tried micro macrame yet, you're missing out on a great hobby!  I have lots of online classes available at CraftArtEdu.com (here) as well as the tutorials in my Etsy shop.  There are over 20 projects from which to choose with skill levels ranging from beginner to more advanced. What are you waiting for?

July 4, 2016


Happy Independence Day, everyone!  I'm just popping in with a quick public service announcement in case you don't subscribe to the CraftArtEdu newsletter.  The good folks over there are feeling especially festive and are celebrating with a great special for you!  Here's what they say:

Here are the details:

There are lots of fun classes there to choose from, including 14 classes of mine!  A deal like this is too good to pass up, but you'll have to act fast.  

Happy shopping!

June 28, 2016

One Thing Leads to Another: Part 2

Micro macrame bracelets by Sherri Stokey.

In last week's post, I showed you an example of one thing leading to another with a purple and green micro macrame bracelet duo:

Purple and green beaded macrame.

Those pieces led to switching out the purple for aqua, which resulted in this pretty pair:

Lime and aqua micro macrame with beads.

I started off with one done in mostly aqua cord with a zigzag band of lime green:

Lime and aqua micro macrame bracelet from Knot Just Macrame.

Then I switched out the cord color placement (and tweaked a few bead colors) and got this one!

Lime and aqua micro macrame bracelet by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame.

These bracelets scream "SUMMER" to me with:  bright and colorful!

June 22, 2016

One Thing Leads To Another

Micro macrame bracelets in lime and amethyst by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame.

You are probably on to me by now, with my "one thing leads to another" strategy.  I don't really set out to do it, but as I'm knotting one bracelet, I'm usually wondering what it would look like if I reverse the colors or add another color of cord or a pop of something in the beads...  This time I started with this:

Beaded macrame bracelet in purple and green.

Beaded micro macrame bracelet in purple and green.

Then I switched the position of the cord colors and got this:

Beaded micro macrame bracelet in green and purple.

Beaded macrame bracelet in green and purple.

ZigZag macrame bracelet.

I can't decide which one I like better.  Do you have a favorite?

Micro macrame bracelets in lime and amethyst by Sherri Stokey.

Micro macrame bracelets in lime and amethyst by Knot Just Macrame.

June 10, 2016

Starfish Color Palette Challenge Reminder

This is just a quick reminder that there are only a few days left to finish your piece for the Starfish Color Palette Challenge.  Photos of finished pieces need to be in by June 15th in order to be included in the blog reveal post.  You can find all the details over on the Love My Art Jewelry blog.  

I hope you'll play along - there's still time!

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