July 13, 2018

New Micro Macrame Kits

Boy howdy have I been busy!  Remember my last post where I finished up the Micro Macrame Button Bracelet Tutorial?  I agonized over what colors to choose for the tutorial (some colors don't photograph as well and others I just don't like as well) as well as what button to feature.  I wanted to choose one that was fun and different but one that folks could find to buy if they wanted to.  I settled on the antique silver elephant button and thought I had several on hand.

Um, not so much.  And when I went to find them to buy more, I had a heck of a time finding them.  Which is the way it usually goes for me.  Anyway, I found a few and made up some kits with the exact cord, beads & button I used to make the tutorial!

I try to make up quite a few kits when I finally get the gumption to put some together (it's not my favorite thing to do) so I decided to do a kit in khaki:

I made up an example of this one in matte metallic khaki iris with a whitewashed copper tree button and then discovered I didn't have enough of that button, either.  

So I made up a handful of kits with the same beads and cord but with a different button - whitewashed copper filigree (isn't it pretty!).

I also replenished some of the Leaves kits, so if you've been waiting on one of those, you'll find a selection here.  

And now that I can check that off my To Do List, I'm heading back out to the pool!  Catch you later!

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