January 24, 2014

Micro Macrame Inspired by Downton Abbey

Micro macrame bracelet by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame

Downton Abbey is one of my absolute favorites - even if I am still mad at them for killing of Matthew last season.  Besides getting wrapped up in the characters' stories, I get lost in the period setting.  The scenery is amazing and the styles are sublime.  See - I'm getting a little giddy just writing about the show!  So when one of my favorite bead stores, Bello Modo put out a challenge based on Downton Abbey and Vintaj, I couldn't resist.

A waterlily ribbon slide by Vintaj became my focal, and to tie it in a little with my cord color, I hit it with some gilders paste.  I think it really shows off the graceful curves of the piece.

Vintaj waterlily ribbon slide accented with gilders paste

I echoed some of the curves in the micro macrame band, and accented it with vintage Venetian seed beads and some really old (antique?) glass seed beads of unknown origin (maybe French).

Hand tied micro macrame with antique seed beads

Using vintage beads was very different than the precise Japanese seed beads I usually use.  They are very much more imperfect both in cut and color distribution, but really like the feel they bring to this piece.

Downton Abbey inspired bracelet hand knotted lace

Even though neither Vintaj nor nylon bead cord were available during the time period, I had great fun with the inspiration.  And it was a great excuse to finally use some of the vintage beads I've been hoarding!

January 19, 2014

More Micro Macrame in Purple, Olive and Teal

Micro macrame bracelets by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame

I will admit, I can be a teensy bit obsessive, and lately I've been stuck on a color palette from a quilt my mom made.  If you missed the inspirational quilt, you can find it in this post.  The colors are purple and teal and olive and I can't get enough.  

Wavy micro macrame bracelets in teal, purple and olive by Sherri Stokey

I've knotted waves of purple and teal and olive and lacy flowers of olive and purple and teal.

Floral micro macrame bracelets in teal, purple and olive by Knot Just Macrame

I also admit I love to see multiple micro macrame pieces in palette side by side.  To compare and contrast, you know.

Beaded macrame, micro macrame bracelets,

All that and I think I am not quite finished with these colors yet.  I still see inspiration in the pile.

Cord and seed beads color palette

Stay tuned!

Micro macrame bracelets knotted in olive green, teal and purple.

January 12, 2014

A New Color Palette for Inspiration

Quilt made by Sharon Hartman

Nothing inspires me quite like a fun, fresh color palette.  My mom loaned me one of the quilts she made (she's amassing quite an impressive collection) to change up my bedroom for a few months.  I chose this one in shades of purple, teal and olive green, and then was inspired to create a palette of cord and beads based on the quilt.

Purple, olive and teal beads and cord in a color palette based on quilt

I found lots of seed beads in the purple and lavender colors, as well as the teal tones from the lower right corner of the quilt.  The upper left has greens that move from olive into a deep avocado color, and I found lots to mimic those tones, too.  If you look a little closer, you'll notice bits of a mustard/gold color sprinkled in there, too.  LOADS of inspiration for me!

Micro macrame bracelet by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame

I've been messing with this sinuous curvy pattern lately and I think it works really well in these colors.  I added some sparkle with a row of beads down the center and a shiny picot edging.  

Knotted curves micro macrame in purple, olive and teal

The jewel tones in this piece are reminiscent of peacocks.  Today I thought I'd play with a design with a few more beads.

Beaded macrame bracelet

These colors are definitely helping take my mind off the January weather!

Beads and nylon bead cord used for micro macrame

January 6, 2014

Experimenting and Keeping Warm

Remember my last post when I showed you this palette and said I was going to stop whining about winter and cold weather?  Yeah, well, I've changed my mind.  Headlines like this one: "Coldest Air in 20 Years to Aim at Nation's Heartland" and an overnight low of -15°F are just more than I can handle without whining.  

While I've been inside huddled under a blanket, I have been working on another piece from what I'm calling my "Cardinal in the Snow" palette.  

I'm experimenting a little with this design.  I added a row of beads down the center and a picot edging down the sides.  I wish think next time I'll use beads with a little more contrast or some sparkle down the edges, but I like the overall affect.  

To recap:  I like the picot edging; I do not like the winter.  I'm off to light the fireplace.

January 2, 2014

A Gray Time of Year

A gray Nebraska winter day

Winter here in Nebraska can be cold and dreary.  Through the end of December, I have the holidays to keep me distracted, but after January 1... let's just say it's never been my favorite time of year.  I've often said I'd be happy if I could just fast forward through January and February.  And most of March.  

Given the new respect I have for life, I don't want to fast forward through any time I could possibly spend with friends and family.  So no more of that whiny talk!  Now that I have my attitude adjusted, I just have to figure out how to make peace with the next few weeks of winter.  I don't like the cold, but I don't think it's the temperature that gets me the most.  I think it's the overall lack of color!  See that photo up there?  That's my yard yesterday.  Shades of gray.

Well, okay then.  If that's what I have to work with:

Gray and white color palette

Hmmm...  it needs something, doesn't it.  So I'm going to pretend one of the elusive neighborhood cardinals has decided to visit my yard and add a bit of red to the mix:

Gray, white and red beads and cord - cardinal in the snow palette

Now that's better!  I'm calling it my Cardinal in the Snow palette.  The whites and grays make a really pretty neutral palette to make the red pop.

Micro macrame bracelet by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame

While I was trying to photograph this bracelet, my grandson decided my lap looked inviting.  

Gramma and Carter taking photos of jewelry

If there's anything that will take my mind off of dreary weather, it's this little guy.  And my beads!  So bring it on, Winter.  I'm ready for you!

Micro macrame bracelet in white, gray and red by Sherri Stokey

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