January 6, 2014

Experimenting and Keeping Warm

Remember my last post when I showed you this palette and said I was going to stop whining about winter and cold weather?  Yeah, well, I've changed my mind.  Headlines like this one: "Coldest Air in 20 Years to Aim at Nation's Heartland" and an overnight low of -15°F are just more than I can handle without whining.  

While I've been inside huddled under a blanket, I have been working on another piece from what I'm calling my "Cardinal in the Snow" palette.  

I'm experimenting a little with this design.  I added a row of beads down the center and a picot edging down the sides.  I wish think next time I'll use beads with a little more contrast or some sparkle down the edges, but I like the overall affect.  

To recap:  I like the picot edging; I do not like the winter.  I'm off to light the fireplace.


  1. Oh I agree with you about winter. I am here in Washington state and the storms didn't hit us but it is still flippin' cold out there.

  2. I won't say anything about the weather except it IS warming up. Yesterday was -0 and this morning 26, so there you go, it should head your way. I really like this bracelet and am anxious to learn to make it. It is also fascinating, beautiful.

  3. I just love your pre-production photos! Love seeing all the possible beads that you are thinking of using . . .

    1. I think I have almost as much fun doing those photos! I love digging through my stash and finding different combinations :D


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