January 24, 2014

Micro Macrame Inspired by Downton Abbey

Micro macrame bracelet by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame

Downton Abbey is one of my absolute favorites - even if I am still mad at them for killing of Matthew last season.  Besides getting wrapped up in the characters' stories, I get lost in the period setting.  The scenery is amazing and the styles are sublime.  See - I'm getting a little giddy just writing about the show!  So when one of my favorite bead stores, Bello Modo put out a challenge based on Downton Abbey and Vintaj, I couldn't resist.

A waterlily ribbon slide by Vintaj became my focal, and to tie it in a little with my cord color, I hit it with some gilders paste.  I think it really shows off the graceful curves of the piece.

Vintaj waterlily ribbon slide accented with gilders paste

I echoed some of the curves in the micro macrame band, and accented it with vintage Venetian seed beads and some really old (antique?) glass seed beads of unknown origin (maybe French).

Hand tied micro macrame with antique seed beads

Using vintage beads was very different than the precise Japanese seed beads I usually use.  They are very much more imperfect both in cut and color distribution, but really like the feel they bring to this piece.

Downton Abbey inspired bracelet hand knotted lace

Even though neither Vintaj nor nylon bead cord were available during the time period, I had great fun with the inspiration.  And it was a great excuse to finally use some of the vintage beads I've been hoarding!


  1. You just never cease to amaze me. The bracelet is just perfect and reflects the Downtown Abbey period. I admit I have not watched it, but now I think I must. Perfect use of your vintage beads. Beautiful.

  2. Your bracelet is beautiful. I'm a Downton fan too, and I agree about Matthew! I think the vintage beads are a perfect compliment to the inspiration for the bracelet and the focal is beautiful.

  3. What a great bracelet! It really does reflect the period.


  4. Splendide réalisation


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