May 20, 2014

If At First You Don't Succeed

If you are looking for my Bead Soup Blog Party post, click here.  Otherwise, read on to see what's new with me.

Micro macrame leaves and vine by Sherri Stokey.

I've been messing around for some time now, trying to come up with a vine design.  My first attempts were not pretty.

Experimenting with new designs in micro macrame.

Yes, I know, they weren't green, either, but that's beside the point.  I almost had something a couple of times.  I was so close, but it just wasn't right.  And there were more attempts I didn't stop to photograph.  The stench of failure was in the air.  But today, I took another stab at it:

Micro macrame experimentation.

It may not look like much, but after I picked out the good bits, I finally hit on a design I like!  And not only that, but I came up with a couple other ideas I will have to experiment with later.  For now, I'm going to revel.

Leafy vine micro macrame bracelet design with lucite flower dangle.

I shall rejoice in my triumph and I shall vine.  It takes so little to make me happy!

Micro macrame leaves and vine by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame.


  1. I know that failure stench all too well. I have beads that I don't really use often because they've become failure beads

  2. Oooo it's beautiful!!! :D You succeeded wonderfully!!!!

  3. Now this is really beautiful and definitely says spring with a fresh bloom. Awesome. It never ceases to amaze me just how you can create these beauties.

  4. Sherri, honey - you have outdone yourself! That is gorgeous and so different from ANYTHING I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing it with us!!!

  5. Fantastic, the perfect green, too! I love your incredible work and your site, Sherri.

  6. That is just beautiful, I love it.

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  8. Bellissimo ,complimenti ììììì

  9. Bellissimo ,complimenti ììììì


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