September 9, 2012

A New Twist on the Dragon Bracelet

If you've hung around my sites very long, you're probably familiar with "the" dragon bracelet.  If not, here's a quick refresher:
I came across this gorgeous copper button with a swirly dragon design a long time back and started using it as a focal piece for a macrame bracelet.  It is by far the most popular (and requested) item in my shop.  The colors are just right.  It's just perfect (the button, I mean).  So of course, it is no longer being manufactured!  I have a small stash of them on hand, so I guess I should be a bit more judicious with their use.  But I had this idea for a fringy beaded cuff bracelet with the button as the clasp/focal.  
I put together a great bead mix with berry and copper and green and purple with touches of teal:
It's a totally different style from my usual macrame piece, but I think I like the way it turned out.  It brings to mind a dragon guarding the mouth of a cave full of treasure.
Even the "back" of the bracelet is pretty.  


  1. Lord, this is a gorgeous bracelet! WOW just stunning!

  2. Gonna be nosey, did you string several strands and then 'french braid" them together? this is really beautiful, gorgeous colors!!!

    1. For the fringe one, Judy? It's done in bead weaving - a square stitched base and then loops of seed beads.

  3. BTW, it might be pretty easy to make a mold of your button and make more of them in either polymer clay or metal clay (metal would be my choice). You can email me about it if you've never worked with those before...cyndi at mazeltovjewelry dot com

  4. Oh wow, I am absolutely in love with the beadsoup bracelet. It is beautiful! I have always wanted to try something with "fringe" like this but have not had the courage yet :)

    Bead Soup Mix


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