September 22, 2012

Tweed and Leather and Garage Sale Finds

My big garage sale find this morning was this set of two tweedy blazers I got for $1.  And that's not $1 each, mind you, but a cool $1 American for the pair.  No, they are not in my size, nor will they fit my husband or anyone else I know.  Why, then, am I so excited by this bargain?
I was chosen to participate in an Art Jewelry Elements Challenge using a pendant by Diana Ptaszynski from Suburban Girl Studio.  She made the porcelain button charm molded from one of the vintage leather buttons in her collection.  Mine has a lovely root beer glaze.  Notice how one of the blazers I picked up has the same style of buttons?
I've been mulling ideas around since I received the charm, trying to come up with something fun to do other than putting it on a necklace of one sort or another.  Leather button... tufted leather sofa or ottoman...old boots.... a leather journal with a button to keep it safe from prying eyes.... a beat up old leather valise used for travel to exotic places...  Or tweed.  Yep, tweed.  A tweedy jacket with leather buttons - maybe even suede patches on the elbows..  
So our quest this morning was to find some tweed I could use.  Score!  And if that wasn't enough, I found this fun scarab pendant:
With markings on the back:
And.... Are you ready for this?  My BEST FIND of the day.... 
Ta Da!!!  Admit it - you're jealous.  It's the coolest kitschy wall hanging EVER!  So, if you can get past your envy, stop back here on the 30th and see what I make this Diana's button and my garage sale treasure and if you need something to tide you over until then, you can check out some of my previous challenges here and here and here.


  1. You had a fun day! Love that wall hanging... is it wood? Looks like you got lots of ideas to go with your button too!

  2. That wall ornament is ├╝ber cool, Sherri. I am taking out the PC and using that for inspiration!

    1. VERY cool! And you have to stop by my fb ( and show me what you make!

  3. Oh your cool kitchen decor find makes me smile -- an owl AND a cow? serious coolness, Sherri! And I love old vintage suits -- and the buttons. fun, fab finds! can't wait to see what you create next. you are always an inspiration to me :)



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