August 5, 2012

A Little Time Out

I got take a mini-vacation this weekend and spend some quality time with my family.  We went to do some back to school shopping, but got most of that out of the way and cleared some time for adventuring.  We headed off into the mountains and came to a cut across where the signs said something about minimal winter maintenance.  Um, yes.  Well NOW we know that means there is barely a road - much of the way was pretty much one lane gravel.  It was wonderful!  It's such a beautiful place.  Wild and unabashedly untamed.
See what I mean?  And when we'd gone what seemed like forever on this narrow, twisting, sometimes-unpaved road, we came out at one of those perfectly quaint old mountain towns.  Pretty as a picture postcard.

Isn't it adorable?  We wandered around the town, poking around the shops for most of the morning and ate lunch in a cute little tavern.  I even managed to find a few tidbits for jewelry making at a rock shop, including a fossilized shark's tooth, a trilobite and anemone.
It was a lovely weekend.  The grandeur of the mountains always seems to bring things into focus for me.  Petty day-to-day problems and worries just seem so insignificant in comparison.


  1. These place are so beautiful, where is it? I am from Cape Town, South Africa so I would not know :) xx

    1. These photos are from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado (USA), Elza. Beautiful scenery!

  2. Very pretty indeed. In Oct/Nov I will be visiting your country. We are going to Vegas and we are looking forward to go to the Grand Canyon. From there on we will be visiting good friends in Redding CA and end it with a few days in San Francisco :)I have been to the USA a few times now and every time I am so impressed with the hospitality and friendliness of your people :) xxx


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