September 13, 2012

In The Pink

 As a little tribute to Lori to thank her for all her hard work, a group of us decided to have a little "in the pink" fun.  Lori, this is for you:
 And why, you might ask, do I have pink in my hair?  Read on:

Lori Anderson of Pretty Things is a dynamo and an inspiration to many of us in the "beading" world.  She's a mom, jewelry designer, published author and the creator of the Bead Soup Blog Party.  In fact, Lori is pretty much the reason I have this blog.  I wanted to be able to participate in the Bead Soup Party and I was inspired by her encouragement of newbie bloggers like myself.  I must say, she was incredibly kind and seemed to genuinely care about each participant in her party this year - which is a massive undertaking when you think about having 400 designers involved!  I had a lot of fun doing the challenge (you can find my reveal post here) and it really got me off on the right foot for both blogging and beading challenges.  And, so you will understand the pink hair, this is Lori:

Lori Anderson
Lori has written a book called Bead Soup that was just published.  How fun does this sound:  "What happens when one energetic, well respected jewelry-making blogger and 26 talented beaders connect through social media and end up swapping their leftovers? You get a mélange of projects bursting with every flavor imaginable! Each designer was given a focal bead, a unique clasp, and coordinating beads, and was charged with creating a dynamic piece of jewelry. These artists push their own boundaries to come up with new combinations and original pieces."  You can order the book through her website Pretty Things

I don't know when she finds time to do everything.  My hat's off to her!  Check out the rest of the "In the Pink" participants:

Gail Vanderster-Zwang
Lea Avroch
Leslie Wayment
Kelley Katherine Hagerty-Fogle
Sheila Davis
Amanda Effron
‎Solange Collin
Jennifer Chasalow VanBenschoten
Isolina Perez
Toltec Jewels
Sherri Stokey You are here!
Mary Howell Govaars
Bee Kuhlman
Lynnea Perry Bennett
Alicia Marinache
Heather Otto
Kimberly Flood
Courtney White Breul
Lisa Liddy
Marlene Cupo
Marianne Baxter
Mária Horváth
Andrea Beth Trank
Heidi Mansfield Kingman
Emoke Schmidt
Sandra MrtzDiaz
Lupe Meter
Tanya Boden
Ambra Chicandfrog
Kumi Fisher
Sandra Young
Sandi Marinaro Volpe
Gretchen Nation
Mimi Gardner
Marian Hertzog
Sonya Ingersoll-Stille
Audrey Belangér
Sandra McGriff
Shelley Graham Turner


  1. Lovely! what a wonderful thing to do for Lori!

  2. Your hair looks soooo great. Keep that hat off! Wonderful post!

  3. Wonderful post! You look great too!

  4. The pink hair looks GOOD on you! Did you wear it for a bit and have fun?

    I'm so touched by your post. I keep finding myself shaking my head, feeling like I don't deserve these words. Thank you so very, very much.

  5. Love that you included the book and your words, "dynamo and an inspiration to many of us in the 'beading' world" is so right on!! And I agree, you do look beautiful with pink hair! Wonderful post, Sherri!

    Big hugs,

  6. You look great with the pink :) I hope you keep it and every now and then pop it in and enjoy ;) Great post :D Thank you for taking part!

  7. Great post and cute pic! Maybe we should all pop our pink hair back in whenever we feel the need for a bit of inspiration. ;)

  8. Nicely written~~ and your hair is really cute!


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