November 12, 2012

UK Inspiration Challenge Reveal

Today is the big reveal for the UK Inspiration Challenge at Artisan Whimsy.  I made this bracelet based on Jo Tinley's hometown of Southampton - the launching place of the Titanic.  You can read all about this bracelet and what inspired its design in my earlier post and find lots of other original, handmade designs submitted by other participants at these sites:

The Hosts
 Lesley Watt Gossiping Goddess
Rebecca Anderson Songbeads
Pippa Chandler Pip's Jewellery
Teresa Hulley Bo Hulley Beads
Natalie McKenna Grubbi
Jo Tinley Daisychain Designs
Ginger Bishop Lilmummylikes
Cece Cormier The Beading Yogini
Therese Frank Therese’s Treasures
Cilla Watkins Tell Your Girlfriends
Sherry Baun
Therese Frank Therese’s Treasures
Kashmira Patel Sadafulee
Caroline Dewison Blueberribeads
Sherry Baun
Leigh Thow Jewellrleigh
Lucy Haslam
Cynthia Machata  Antiquity Travelers
Sherry Baun
Isle of Wight
Duane Clark Bizzy Bead
Sharyl McMillian-Nelson Sharyl's Jewelry
Leigh Thow Jewellrleigh
Jean Wright Just Beadey
D Lynne Bowland Islandgirl’s Insights
Sherry Baun
Jean A. Wells  Jean A. Wells
Shalini Austin   Jewellery by Shalini
Doris Stumpf Glaszwerg
Sherry Baun
Lennis C Windbent
Sherri Stokey Knot Just Macramé
Sherry Baun
Leigh Thow Jewellrleigh
Kathy Lindemer Bay Moon Design


  1. You just make me drool, you know it? I love the color and design on this one!

  2. Sherri, all your bracelets are so lovely, this one has that extra bling, too! I have to let you know how much admiration and attention is being directed at the dragon bracelet I bought from you last month... everyone is as amazed as me!

  3. A beautiful piece! I've been admiring your bracelets for a while now, they're fabulous!

  4. Ahhh, so gorgeous!! You create breath-takingly beautiful jewelry!!

  5. This bracelet is stunning and has a real retro fell with the design and I love the differnet tones of blues that you have used


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