December 7, 2012

Cross Stitch Christmas Treasures

If you aren't familiar with cross stitch, it's a type of embroidery where little X-shaped stitches are used to form a picture.  It is very time consuming, especially for very detailed work.  I have several special pieces that I bring out every Christmas, including a Santa picture my mom made for me.  That holly border?  It's not part of the matting - it's stitched into the picture.  It took thousands of tiny stitches and untold hours to stitch that border, the toys in Santa's sack and all of the shading in Santa's clothing.

She even stitched all of our names into the list Santa is holding - see mine?

Mom made stockings for each of my children.  My son's depicts Santa's workshop complete with tools and a Noah's Ark play set:

My daughter's stocking is every bit as detailed with lacy Victorian wallpaper and curtains in a room fit for a princess.  There are dolls and a dollhouse and stuffed animals having a tea party:

My stocking and my husband's stocking were stitched by my grandmother.  Mine is a nativity scene:

And my husband's is a snowy scene with holly and a horse-drawn sleigh:

Do you see why I can't wait to get our our Christmas stockings every year?  And just wait until I show you our Christmas quilts!!


  1. What great memories and great work.

    Have a safe and joyful season.

  2. Lovely! Family treasures for sure!

  3. Those are awesome Sherri... and such special memories to bring out each year!!

  4. I love this post - what a wonderful sentiment of Christmas!

  5. Those are absolutely amazing. And such wonderful keepsakes. Enjoy!

  6. I cross stitch too! So nice to see someone else's work. Beautiful work and you are correct, hours and hours of stitching; but oh what wonderful art you have when you are done.

  7. I have been looking everywhere for the Santa's workshop pattern and then found it on ebay, but when the book arrived the pattern had been removed. I would love to know where to get the pattern.

    1. Teresa, it's in the magazine listed here:


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