July 30, 2013

Knotting Along

Micro Macrame Bracelet in teal by Sherri Stokey

I've been busy making micro macrame pieces, in between putting together kits to go along with my tutorials, and writing a new tutorial.  I juggle that with working full time (okay, I take as much time off as I can manage!) and taking care of my family.  My kids are mostly grown - my son is going to turn 21 this weekend and my daughter is 17 - but now we have this little critter to chase around:

baby grandson

Life is full, and life is good.  I always hope that joy and contentment comes through in my jewelry pieces somehow.  I think maybe it does, especially when I work with colors that make me happy.

Beaded micro macrame bracelet by Knot Just Macrame peacock colors

Just LOOK at those colors - how could that not make you happy?

Beaded micro macrame bracelet in peacock colors

I'm working on a new piece today.  And guess what color is in it!

Micro macrame bracelet in progress teal with orange

I am a bit predictable sometimes, aren't I?


  1. I'm w/you,...anything blue makes me happy! And little ones to chase after and cuddle with are the best!

  2. I always go back to blue in my designs (lots of teals for me) so these two designs seriously speak to me!! Love them!!


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