February 9, 2014

A Micro Macrame Fairy Tale

Once upon a time in the farthest reaches of a a faraway land, there lived a dragon.  She was a beautiful, wild creature who hunted in the craggy mountains and made her home in a rocky cave.  Her graceful body was covered coppery scales which perfectly camouflaged her sinuous curves and sweeping wings.  But she was far from dull, this coppery dragon, for when the sunlight caught her body just right, she shone with golden hues and glints of pink and blue and green.

This dragon thought hers was the perfect life.  The perfect setting, the perfect coloring - everything a dragon should be.  One day this dragon decided to venture further into the kingdom and what she found amazed her.

Everywhere she looked, she found dragons in magnificent colors, with brightly colored scales and feathered wings.

And each of these new dragons thought it was the perfect dragon.  Perfect in every way.  The first dragon was so dazzled by the beauty of the others that she began to doubt herself.  She forgot what a fierce and powerful hunter she was, how cunning and smart and perfectly suited for her life.  She compared herself and felt inferior.  

And the moral of this dragon's tale?  We must never forget that each and every one of us is perfect - just exactly the way we are.  Perceived flaws and all.  We are all different and we are all perfect.

If you look for the flaws, you will find them.  And if you search for the strength and beauty, you will find that instead.


  1. BTW, I always look. Absolutely amazing. You always amaze me. I adore the story, perfect and love all these colors. I might like the blue and khaki a little better. But love them all.

  2. I have no idea how you can even do this stuff. Micro macrame has always astounded me and your creations are no different. Holy cow.

  3. Beautiful story with an apt moral. I do have to say that of all your pieces, the dragons are my favorites.

  4. I like very much your work! so neat and the colors so well balanced!
    Can you recommand books or tutorial to a very beginner quite desperate :-))

    1. Thank you! This post might help you: http://www.knotjustmacrame.com/2013/08/micro-macrame-tutorials-and-classes.html


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