November 12, 2014

Collaboration Unveiling (Sort of)

Beaded bits and a macrame skull

Do you remember this post from last month telling you about a collaborative project my friend Lindsay Starr and I were doing?  She sent me these:

Beaded components from Lindsay Starr

And I sent her these:

Macrame components by Sherri Stokey

Our challenge was to make something using the other person's pieces and our own techniques.  Lindsay had hers finished in no time at all:

Collaboration of bead work and macrame

I'm just going to show you this little teaser here.  If you want to see the whole piece she made, you'll want to pop over to her blog.  It's worth the trip, let me tell you.  After she set the bar so high, I was really sweating my piece using her beaded components.  For some reason I was set on trying to make a sugar skull and since I've never tried knotting one before, it was a lot of trial and error. 

My pieces are usually fairly simple, but I wanted something much more complex for Lindsay.  I struggled.

Another trial layout.

I struggled a LOT.

Yet another trial layout.

I put the skull in and I took the skull out (I did the Hokey Pokey....).  Nothing "felt" right.  I finally ended up with this:

Finished layout?

I'm still not quite happy with it.  I think now that I have to remove the top coral colored circle with the seed bead flower in it.  Or maybe move it more to the left - I'm not sure.  At this rate, Lindsay might get this necklace in time for next year's Day of the Dead.  It's a good thing she's patient. 

Beadwork and macrame collaboration.


  1. Sherri, all of your work is just outspend and amazing. It is beautiful. I would still like to see this without the coral beaded flower, or even a little more subdued tucked down a bit in the left. I love this.

  2. Well, what can I say? Your work is amazing! I love the way you complimented Lindsey's pieces with your macrame work. I could live without the scull; except I love the mouth, and the eyes just knock me out! I love the corral beaded flower! How cute!!! Maybe put the corral flower in place ot the skull but find a way to include the mouth and eyes.


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