January 1, 2015

A New Micro Macrame Cuff

Micro Macrame knotting by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame.

My latest experiment in micro macrame knotting involved a whole lot of cords.  I wanted to shake things up a little, so I thought I'd try turning everything on its side - literally.  I worked this bracelet across instead of up and down, which meant I had to start with 112 cords across.  

Micro Macrame cuff in progress.

I did some beaded loops on one edge of the cuff to add some texture.

Beaded border for micro macrame cuff.

And a leafy design bordered by lines of knots and beads.

Beaded macrame cuff style bracelet in blue by Sherri Stokey

The cuff style bracelet is about 1.5" wide and fastens with a tube bar clasp.

Leafy vine pattern knotted in micro macrame

I'm excited all over again about micro macrame all over again!!

Beaded macrame cuff style bracelet in blue from Knot Just Macrame


  1. That's awesome! I love the design - especially the leaves.

  2. I'd say your experiment was a success!!! I love it.

  3. Amazing. A stunning piece of mind blowing work.

  4. So beautiful and sophisticated! My daughter was home for the holidays and was in a creative mood, so we downloaded one of your cuff designs, raided my cord stash, and spent a delightful day in front of the fire with macrame boards perched on our laps. One of my favorite Christmas memories! (I just sent her a link to this post - as Mary said, mind blowing!)

  5. Stunning, this bracelet is beautiful and you definitely have your "mojo" back.

  6. omg this is just a stunning design!! I have not done micro-macrame in ages & can't fathom doing anything like this, what concentration you must have had for this!

  7. Beautiful bracelet but wow, what a lot of cords to keep track of. I would be bald by the time I finished anything half as complicated.

  8. Do you have directions or better yet a tutorial for this cuff?


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