February 17, 2015

A New Micro Macrame Class: Argus Cuff

Argus micro macrame cuff in red by Sherri Stokey

I'm on a roll, folks - two micro macrame classes in two months!  Like the last class I did, the Leafy Cuff, the Argus Cuff bracelet is worked across the piece rather than down it.  This means lots more cords to work with, but also leads to the possibility of lots of different designs.  

DIY micro macrame cuff in progress

I had fun figuring out how to make the eye pattern on this one, and the name springs from that (thanks, Marge!!)  Argus Panoptes in Greek mythology is the monster with 100 eyes.  Doesn't that seem very appropriate for this bracelet?

Closure of macrame cuff

The nice folks at CraftArtEdu.com are celebrating the release of this new class with a special deal for you.  The new Argus Cuff, the Leafy Cuff, and all of my other micro macrame jewelry classes are on sale at 25% off their regular prices through Sunday, February 22, 2015 (details here).  If you're an adventurous do-it-yourself type and you want to learn to make beaded macrame jewelry, this is a deal you don't want to miss.  My classes are very detailed with lots of close up photos and instructions.  I also include hints and tips and most of them (including this one) have video as well.  All at your fingertips and available on your schedule at your convenience.  

I'm a big fan of CraftArtEdu.com - I wouldn't be working with them if I weren't.  Once you purchase a class there, it's yours forever.  You can watch it as many times as you need and then refer back to it next year if you've forgotten how to do something.  They stand behind their classes, too, and if you have a question, they will find you an answer.  
Wide macrame cuff design class by Sherri Stokey

Are you learning micro macrame yet?  What are you waiting for?

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  1. Sherri, this is such a unique design, never ceases to amaze me how beautiful and talented you are in design and color. I cannot wait to try this. Thank you for sharing your talents.


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