November 12, 2015

Teal Therapy: A Reset

Somewhere along the line I discovered a little trick.  Whenever I'm floundering a bit with ideas or feeling uninspired or without focus, I fall back to my favorites.  Shades of teal and turquoise with brown or tan are like a favorite pair of slippers - all warm and welcoming.  I'm not quite sure why, but these colors in most any combination make me feel calm and centered.

I recently ran across these amazing buttons in one of my all-too-frequent shopping frenzies (my mail carrier hates me, I'm sure).  I got the teal tree and the white-washed version as well, but I ended up adding some teal to the leaves of the tree on the white one for that extra special little "something".

For dragon fans, I also found a cool dragon button:

I think the teal therapy is working, by the way.  I feel better already :)


  1. These bracelets with their special focals are beautiful and the colors are you. My favorite colors also. I am so glad you are feeling better.

  2. Beautiful! Your macrame is always fabulous, and the I especially love the tree buttons. I'm finding myself using teal and turquoise more and more as go-to colors. I also believe my mail carrier is not fond of me. Although, really, we are providing job security! :)


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