April 12, 2016

A Hard Reset

Micro macrame bracelets by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame.

Last week was tough.  I get depressed from time to time; I've struggled with it for years.  My "brand" of depression isn't the kind where I think of hurting myself or anything, it's more like I just don't like myself.  When I get this way, there's nothing I can do to convince myself that I'm not a bad person or that my "art" doesn't suck.  When one of "those" customers comes along at a time when I'm in one of these funks, it's a recipe for disaster and that's what happened last week.

All I wanted to do was pull the covers up over my head, shut out the world and sleep.  Avoidance is the best remedy, right?  Instead I opened every message from this customer pointing out my flaws and took them to heart.  Obsessed over them.  Questioned myself.  Couldn't sleep.  Couldn't create.

Turquoise, teal and ecru color palette with beads and cord.

Thankfully I have a small group of people to whom I can whine and complain and the remarkable thing is that they understand.  They don't think I'm crazy (even when I do) and they don't make me feel worse for having given in to the whining and complaining.  They listen and commiserate and offer advice from having been there themselves.  The best advice I got was this:  every time you get one of those negative messages, just say "thank you" (in your head) for the reminder of how you never want to be and how you never want to make someone else feel.  

Teal micro macrame bracelet by Sherri Stokey.

They also told me to take some time for myself and create just for the joy of creating.  I usually find inspiration in my beads and cord, so I pulled a soothing palette with some beautiful turquoise and teal colors with ecru and bronze and spent a few days not worrying about my upcoming classes or the tutorial I need to write.

Turquoise micro macrame bracelet by Knot Just Macrame.

Things are feeling better now.  I'm feeling my creativity return and I'm getting excited for the class I'm teaching this weekend.  And I have a new policy:  I'm no longer going to respond to negative messages.  I'm giving myself permission to ignore them and move on and I hope that doesn't make me a bad person.

Beaded macrame.


  1. So glad to see this post! You have been rather quiet lately & I was beginning to wonder.

  2. Love, Love , Love your creations and so appreciate you sharing your talent with us!

  3. Been in your shoes gf ! Ive learned ( in my later years) to back away from negitive situations (and people). Theres a difference between"constructive" criticisms and "negitive" criticisms ! If i start reading a negitive one (you learn the difference) i pass and go to the next. Not giving "Mr Negitive" a chance to ruin my day ! (My faith helps so much !)
    You do such beautiful work ,icant imagine any one saying anything negitive about it !!! Keep up the good work and block that dark cloud !!! Dont let it control your day ! Create ,create ,create !!!! Sending love and prays to a fellow creative lady !<°)))< ♡

  4. I am so glad that you are feeling better now. You are very creative. A few days ago I was wearing a bracelet I made from one of your tutorials. Someone complimented me on how talented I was to have made it by following a video. Well I told her the compliments should all go to you. Your designs and tutorials are the best. And your creativity with colors is amazing.

    I am currently making that same bracelet in another color scheme and as I was making it last night I thought to myself, “I can follow instructions very well but I’m not good at creating something new or different on my own.” I don’t mind that and I am grateful that I can at least duplicate the beautiful work of other more creative people (with the help of tutorials). The pictures in this post have inspired me and now I can’t wait to make one and see what colors I can come up with. Thank you for all of your hard work creating gorgeous jewelry and wonderful tutorials.

  5. Sherri, you are amazing! You are fantastic with color groupings and I swoon over your jewelry! Don't let anyone dampen your creative fire!

  6. Sherri, you are amazing! You are fantastic with color groupings and I swoon over your jewelry! Don't let anyone dampen your creative fire!

  7. Always remember...there are some people who thrive in making everyone as miserable as they are. Try to not personalize their negative comments. They are spreading them everywhere. I am a retired psychotherapist, and I spent many hours each day with people like this. Is it any wonder I retired! I find your art inspiring, and I am considering trying it. It is simply lovely!


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