August 26, 2016

Classes, Cakes & ShrinkyDinks

Micro macrame classes.

Oh my gosh that was fun!!  I just got back (okay, a few days ago - at my age it takes me a minute to regroup) from teaching classes in Denver and it was such a great experience!!  The ladies from the Rocky Mountain Bead Society were enthusiastic about learning micro macrame and we had a full 20 people in the Beginner's class!  Many of them came back for additional classes over the four days and one lady (you rock, Irene) took all four classes!  Just look at that concentration!

Micro macrame classes.

That's not to say there wasn't any banter (there was banter aplenty) but the students were fearless when it came to the small cords and tiny seed beads.  Oh, and then there was this:

Lone turquoise chair.

It seemed somehow symbolic to find one lone turquoise colored chair in a sea of regular old beige ones, that being "my" color and all :) 

I've mostly been getting things put away this week (you know how trying to put something back into the closet you removed it from sometimes leads to having to clean out the whole closet to get it to fit?) and relaxing a bit.  The last couple of months were a whirlwind of activity trying to get ready for the class, working on the new house and wrapping up the budget for the fiscal year at my "real" job.  I took the afternoon off yesterday and did just for me stuff.  I baked a pretty cake:

Layer cake with strawberries.

And I played with ShrinkyDinks (thanks to Kate, a student in one of my classes)!  You know what?  It was every bit as much fun as it was when I was a kid!

ShrinkyDink supplies.

I traced and colored (check out my new 48 pack of colored pencils!) and then baked and went from this:

ShrinkyDink skull before baking.

To this:

ShrinkyDink skull after baking.

TOO much fun!  I did have one "issue" with my pumpkin.

ShrinkyDink pumpkin before baking.

It turned out almost black after the baking/shrinking process:

ShrinkyDink pumpkin after baking.

I'm still kind of pouty from the whole pumpkin thing, but I'll certainly know better next time.  Meanwhile, the others are cool!


And that's what I've been up to lately.  You?

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  1. Great post, I bet Carter would love the Shrinky Dinks. Just might have to try this. How fortunate these ladies are to be able to take your classes in person. I would love this.


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