October 21, 2016

New Ripples in Micro Macrame Online Class is Available!

It's done!  It's done!!  Hot off the press and all that, my new Ripples in Micro Macrame bracelet class in available online at CraftArtEdu!  I'm silly excited about it, too (in case you didn't notice).  I've been meaning to put out a new class for months and one thing or another kept taking priority, but it's done!!  (Yep, still silly excited!)  So Donna and the other nice folks over at CraftArtEdu put out an email with the class announcement (and a great sale on all my micro macrame classes, too) and I have to share it with you:

How nice is that!?  You can see the whole thing here if you aren't already signed up for their newsletter.  If you're not, you really should take a moment and sign up so you can stay on top of all the latest and greatest (and sales - who doesn't love a sale!).  I keep telling you they're really great people over there and I'm not kidding.  They really are the best.  If you haven't taken one of their online classes, you don't know what you're missing.  They have an awesome lineup of instructors covering a wide variety of DIY crafts.  Their customer service is world class and they guarantee you'll be happy with your class or you get your money back.  Classes never expire and there's no limit on the number of times you can view them.  

Anywho... if you read my blog much, you probably already know I've been working on this new design for weeks now.  My inspiration for the design was ripples. Yep.  Ripples.  So picture a rain drop hitting the surface of a puddle; the way the ripples spread out from the drop in concentric circles getting larger and larger until they bump up against something and break the perfect arcs.  Are you picturing it?  That's what I've tried to capture in the piece.  The fluid circles originate at the central bead in one section, then circle back in the next section coming up against one another in the middle.

This design takes the simple macrame knots (mostly double half hitches) and elevates them to a new artistic level. Because the design is a bit more challenging, experience with double half hitch knots is recommended.  If you're just starting out in micro macrame, there are other classes (like the Wrap) to choose from, too.  Heck, if you're fair-to-middlin', there are a whole bunch of classes for you.  

Go!  Go now and find the one (or more) that makes your heart happy.  (The special pricing is good through midnight CT, Tuesday, October 25, 2016.)  Happy knotting!


  1. I as excited to see this tutorial on CraftArtEdu but their site is not working properly and I cannot purchase the class. Are you going to post the handout on Etsy?

    1. I'm sorry, this pattern won't be available on Etsy. It's got a lot of video included and wouldn't work well in the .pdf format. Unfortunately, I think the problem is much bigger than CraftArtEdu: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/22/business/internet-problems.html and people are having trouble getting in to Etsy or PayPal, too :(

    2. Yes, the problem was PayPal. I kept trying and it finally went through, so I am ready to go now. Thanks.

  2. Sherri, beautiful class, I cannot wait to make it. I am so proud of you for all your hard work to create and share with us. Thank you so much. I got mine Thursday night before all this internet stuff happened.


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