May 27, 2012

An Intro

Awww.... look - it's a brand new baby blog.  All right, all right - so it's not much to look at yet.  Babies aren't always adorable right off the bat, either, you know.  Sometimes it takes a while - they have to grow into their ears and stuff.  I'm sure that given time, just like the ugliest baby, this blog will blossom:)

So.... I make jewelry.  I'm obsessed with making jewelry, really.  I used to be obsessed with genealogy and before that it was cake decorating.  But now, I'm all about jewelry and have been for years.  I do mostly micro macrame, but I'll attempt just about anything.  I've tried  bead weaving, torch fired enameling, acid etching, chemical patinas - you name it.  I didn't say I was good at any of that stuff, mind you - but I've dabbled.

I am married and have been for 26 years.  My husband and I have two kids - my son just finished his first year of college and my daughter is sixteen and will be a Junior next year.  We have a cat and three dogs - one's the most spoiled mini doxie EVER - that one's mine.  The two big dogs belong to my husband.  One's a big black lab that was supposed to be a hunting dog, but he's not really into that.  He'd rather lay around and be cuddly.  The other dog is a retired police service dog - he was my husband's K-9 partner until he retired last fall.

I work full time and make jewelry in most of my free time.  And that's me in a nutshell.


  1. I find it amazing that you can work full-time and still make so much awesome jewellery. Congratulations on your new blog!

  2. I love macramé, dabbled with it as a kid, still remember some knots. Congrats on your new blog, I am happy to be a member and nice to meet you!

    1. Welcome, Marti - I've long been a fan of your clay work!

  3. May you grow into your ears soon! Thanks for the tutorial with photos.

  4. I too, love macrame, I just haven't made any jewelry with it, but maybe with your help, I will. :) I love the fact that your hubby's partner got to retire with him, and to come home with ya'll. I had a mini doxie a few years ago...I didn't know they could be anything but spoiled! Looking forward to reading your blog posts.

  5. Welcome to blog world! Look forward to reading your posts!


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