June 10, 2012

My Workspace

Yep, it looks suspiciously like a family room, but this is my workspace.  That big recliner at the end (the one my husband picked out and I didn't want it because it was so BIG - turned out to be so COMFY!) used to be my spot (note the OttLite complete with magnifier that my son says only old people have).  Now I tend to sit on the end of the couch because it's got the best view of the television:)  
My "desk".  It has a shelf at the bottom which is perfect for holding my laptop when I'm not using it.  But the best part of my workspace...
is the closet.  Yes, it's just a crummy little closet and it's not very wide AND it has the furnace in it... but it IS deep and dear husband built me these spiffy shelves to hold all of my beads and cord.
 My filing system is pretty sophisticated - my beads are sorted by color in ice cream buckets (can you tell dear husband has a thing for Blue Bunny ice cream?).  It works pretty well for me.
And the final piece to my space:  my muse, my partner-in-crime, my constant companion.  She's the Robin to my Batman.


  1. Love it, Sherri. I like seeing how "normal" artists workspaces are, we don't all have massive studios that double as a gallery and class room. That natural wood table is beautiful. My workspace is very similar, few couched, an ikea kitchen bench and room for the lappie. Thank you for sharing this, the world has just gotten a smidgen smaller still. Love the ice cream tubs, recycle, reuse, reduce.

    1. Aww... thanks, Bianca - I rarely get called "normal" by those who know me:)

  2. Replies
    1. hehehe - that's because today was clean-the-house day - it's already messed up again. Just the way I like it:)

  3. Thanks for sharing this with us! Looks very comfy. Love your partner in crime :-).

  4. Comfy and relaxing studio.
    I'll be posting my new studio soon, I am so excited.


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