July 4, 2012

Hurray For the Red, White and Blue

 Since it is the 4th of July, the theme for the day is, of course, red white and blue.  I started a bracelet project last night from this palette, but had to take time out this morning to make this:
Well, you have to admit - it does match the palette:)  It's just a bit of pie crust with a cream cheese/whipped cream mixture topped with fresh berries.  I am trying to behave myself, so I made it with Weight Watchers cream cheese and light whipped topping and sugar substitute.  It still tastes pretty darned good!

I did finally get around to finishing my bracelet, too:


  1. Beautiful Sherri! Reminds me of those lovely curtain thingys that they used to hang up on buildings. Can't remember the name of them at the moment. Working on my first cup of coffee and everything is still a haze. Ha!

  2. Isn't that bunting? And why would I know that - the mind is certainly a strange thing;)


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