July 2, 2012

Welcome Summer Color Combo

The color combo for our challenge this week had sunshine and ocean colors:  a great turquoise green and yellow curry mixture.  Sounds strange - looks gorgeous:
I found several candidates in my bead hoard stash, but I really liked the hank of mixed color Czech seed beads and the new lampwork shell I bought from Laurie Ament.  I spent a couple of days trying to figure out how to use the two together and decided I needed a trio of bracelets to pull it off.  I got the first one with the lampwork focal done easily and a simple macrame companion for it without trouble, but got stuck on the third piece.   Until this morning when I came across Lesley Watt's Seed Bead & Jump Ring Bracelet Tutorial.  It was exactly the piece I needed.


  1. well done! I haven';t started my design for this colour way yet but am having a think :)

    I think that multicoloured hank of beads is amazingly good match for the colour theme :)

    1. Isn't it, though! I usually have to make my own mix for the color challenges if I want a decent match - these look like they were custom made:)

  2. I love all three of them! I'd totally wear them together......but that yellow bracelet is really creative :)


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