May 21, 2013

Playing Catch-Up

Baby sized distraction

I've been juggling quite a few things lately, not the least of which is this little guy - my grandson, Carter.  When it comes to choosing between making jewelry and playing with him, he wins ever time, so I've gotten a bit behind on posting my Year of Jewelry projects.  I have been making them, though, all except for the personal talisman one from several weeks ago that I'm still pondering.  Anyway, Week 19 was My Favorite Flower and I made an appropriately floral piece:

White bridal micro macrame beaded bracelet by Knot Just Macrame

I had June brides in mind when I made this bracelet.  It's knotted in white superlon bead cord and accented with white Toho seed beads in different finishes and sizes.  The cascade of lucite roses puts it over the top, I think.

The theme for Week 20 was Made in 10 Minutes.  Whew - this one was hard for me!  I can't even cut the cords for a pair of earrings in much less than that, so micro macrame was out.  I tried a couple different pairs of earrings and they were okay, but nothing special.  I just don't feel like I've put in an effort if it only takes 10 minutes - KWIM?  And then... it hit me...  

Tennis racquet string ankle bracelets anklets by Sherri Stokey

I made a prototype tennis racquet string ankle bracelet for my tennis playing daughter a couple of months ago.  Since then she's been wearing it non-stop.  She wears it to her morning workouts three days a week and to tennis practice every day after school.  She wears it in the shower and through all day tennis tournaments.  This baby has been through the wringer!  The clasp is magnetic, but also has a twist lock so it is pretty secure.  It has come unfastened a couple of times over the weeks, but given what it's gone through, I think that's pretty good!

So my Made in 10 Minutes Week 20 project was to make some non-prototype anklets.  I used three colors of string in different solids and combinations and made a handful:

Tennis racquet string ankle bracelets anklets with magnetic clasps

Which took longer than ten minutes *sigh*.  But I could have made one in ten minutes, probably, so I'm counting it.  Week 20 - Done!

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  1. Where did you buy the magnetic twist clasps? I love the design of them. Thank you!


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