May 26, 2013

Year of Jewelry Week 21 - Cuffs for All

The theme for Week 21 of the Year of Jewelry was Cuffs for All.  I had difficulty coming up with a macrame piece without a closure/clasp, so my take on a cuff?  A bracelet that fits like a cuff.

Micro macrame bracelet in chartreuse green and purple by Sherri Stokey

I've been making some pieces use the Superlon fine bead cord - it's almost half the size of the cord I usually work with, which is pretty tiny.  It does, however, allow me to use more cords in my designs without the resulting piece being too big and clunky.  I made this design by adding a couple of cords running through the center of my zigzag bracelet and I really like the effect.

Micromacrame bracelet in chartreuse green and purple from Knot Just Macrame

I am loving the color combination, too.  I love to pair chartreuse with different things, but this green and purple is a classic.  I did do another bracelet in this design my usual size bead cord.  How's this for some summery color?

Superlon bead cord and glass seed beads

And from that, I made these:

Beaded macrame jewelry by Sherri Stokey - earrings and bracelet

Yes, I've been a busy bee.  And I still have lots more ideas, so stay tuned!


  1. You have such an amazing eye for color. I love those combinations so much!
    *gorgeous work!*

  2. I'm sure I think this about every piece you show... but this colour combo (green and purple) is my VERY FAVORITE!! At least this week LOL. Is it going in your shop or already sold, Sherri?

    1. This piece is headed to Bead & Button, Monique, as a demo piece to show what can be made with Superlon fine bead cord. I will have to make more like it, though, because I want one, too! LOL

  3. I used to have my own macrame shop in the 70s and 80s. Called the Knotty Lady LOL -- haven't done macrame in a long time but since seeing your beautiful items, you have whet my appetite. Congratulations on beautiful work. I'm so impressed.

    1. How cool! I did macrame back then, too. No shop, just lots of plant hangers :) You should totally try this - I'll bet you'd love it!

  4. Hi Sherri - gorgeous work! I'm trying my hand at this and wondering - do you have problems with the beaded portions on the outside row of the earrings being "floppy"? Looking for a solution. This isn't an issue with bracelets because they lie flat on the arm but with earrings it is.
    Thanks so much,
    Destiny :-)

    1. I haven't really had that problem, but I don't make my earrings very large, either. You might try limiting the size of the overall piece and of the beads in the outer row (or rows)?

    2. Thank you for the extremely fast reply! I really appreciate it. I'm not a seasoned macramé-er but really enjoying it so I'll keep working at it and see what happens.
      Thanks again,
      Destiny Hunt :-)


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