June 27, 2013

New in My Shop - Kits for Micro Macrame Bracelets

Bead and cord kits for micro macrame bracelet patterns from Knot Just Macrame on Etsy

I love playing with beads and cord and putting together color combinations, so what better outlet than to put together kits to go along with my micro macrame patterns?  I finally got busy and assembled some - these go with my Leaves bracelet.  I have measured and cut the cord for you and put in the beads you will need, as well as split rings, a clasp and extender chain.  All in one tidy little package.  I had to do one in Matte Metallic Khaki Iris, of course:  

Matte Metallic Khaki Iris Leaves Micro Macrame Bracelet Kit

I also love this combination.  It's all white, but it's not all white - tricky, huh?  I love the rainbow coating on the beads that keeps the white from being boring.  There are little flashes of color.  So pretty...

White rainbow beads and cord kit for micro macrame

I haven't included the tutorial with any of the kits since some folks like to buy more than one color kit to go with a pattern and others have already purchased the pattern.  I did straighten the cord for you, since this is what it looked like before I did:

Seed beads and bead cord

You're welcome.  A couple of hints for you if you do purchase a kit:  Although I straightened the cord once, I did have to spool it to get it to you since the cost was prohibitive for mailing a 36" long box.  You might have to run it through your straight iron to get it straight again (details here).  If the ends get a bit flattened from the straightening process, just clip a tiny bit off the end of the cord. If you cut at a little angle, it will make threading the beads onto the cord much easier.  If you are still having trouble getting the beads on the cord, dip the cord ends in some Fray Check and let them dry, then cut a little angle.  It works like a charm and keeps the ends of your cord from unraveling.  Clear nail polish works, too, but I use the Fray check when finishing off my pieces, so it's handy to have.

I even did a kit in the Hydrangea colors.   I'm just loving this shade of purple called French Lilac.  It's sort of muted - not a bright, vibrant purple.  And the beads I've paired with it aren't actually purple at all.  They're shades of gray, but the rainbow coating on the beads gives them the appearance of purple.  And I love combining beads in matte and shiny finishes for a little contrast, even when the colors all match.  My next project is to make some kits for the Hydrangea Bracelet.  Patience, Grasshopper...

French Lilac or Hydrangea colors bead and cord kit for micro macrame bracelet pattern

You can find the kits in the Kits Section of my Etsy Shop.

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