June 16, 2013

Summer Elements Blog Hop - Freeform Micro Macrame Necklace

Summer Elements Blog Hop by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame

My friend, Rita of Toltec Jewels and Jewel School Friends is hosting a blog hop celebrating summer, and anyone who knows me, knows summer is my thing.  I love the long days and the green trees and I love the warmth.  I'd have summer all year long if somebody would give me the option.  Rita challenged us to consider the elements of summer; Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Spirit; and then create something and share.  Create anything and share anything that celebrates summer.  My kind of hop!  

We bought a pool years ago when the children were still pretty young and we've spent endless hours there as a family.  I treasure the memories of every one of those hours, and this is one of my favorite photos of my husband and kids.

Husband and kids in the pool

It doesn't seem that long ago that I took this picture, but my daughter is seventeen now and my son is a father himself!  I had my grandson out in the back yard the other day and he was fascinated by the movement of the water.  I started studying it and found I was pretty entertained by the endless kaleidoscope of patterns, too.   I took my inspiration from the that and made my first piece of free-form macrame.

A study of water free form micro macrame necklace

I just started knotting and putting in some random beads, letting the piece wander wherever it wanted.  No planning, no tidying up.  Just the cord and the knots going under and around and over like water in a river.  I played off the macrame technique called Margaretenspitze which was developed by Margarete Neumann in the beginning of the 1900s.  She developed the system of adding and dropping threads which allows you to make almost any design - hand tied lace.  Fascinating stuff. 

Macrame using margarete lace margareten spitze techniques

Spirals knotted in micromacrame ocean shades

This necklace took me most of the week to complete.  It sounds odd, but it much more difficult for me to go with the flow.  I'm more comfortable staying within the lines with my macrame.  Oh, sure, I venture out a bit and play with color, but my pieces are usually symmetrical and even and tidy.  This piece is none of those things.  I do have to admit that this exercise was liberating.  My ode to summer.  My study of water.

Water macrame necklace knotted in shades of blue and aqua
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  1. What an amazing necklace. I am such a fan of your work, but this is my absolute favorite. I, too, love summer and would love to have it 50% of the time.. Spring the other 50..lol Have a great summer :)

    1. Hmmmm - you're right. I do like Spring and Fall, so maybe I could have summer for 10 months and throw in a month of spring and a month of fall. I'll give it some thought and get back to you :D

  2. This is a beautiful work and you have implemented the element of water absolut perfectly. I envy you about this talent.

  3. That's a wonderful necklace--you captured summer's water just beautifully! To venture into "free" form, you have to have that skill of "staying within the lines," and I sure wish I had yours!!

  4. Fantastic necklace and I am very impressed by your work. Bravo!

  5. A beautiful necklace and history lesson rolled into one. My husband and I started looking at Margaretenspitze pictures on the internet, lol.

    1. It's hard to find - I've searched high and low and found one book on it - I think it's in German...

  6. Sherri, I have said before I am in awe of bead weavers. You ahre a true master of it, and this necklace proves my point exactly. Pardon me while I go wipe the drool from my chin.

  7. Sherri, your post is beautiful! And your necklace is breath-taking! I'm not why, but it brought tears to my eyes with its beauty. The art of your work radiates with a movement of energy that truly feels like water: the soft plays of light and shadow, the curves and turns, its benevolence and beautiful blues.

    Your freeform art couldn't be more perfect for water! Splashes, ripples, fun!

    I love the picture of your kids and their dad -- So cute and how sweet for Father's day! Time does move so quickly. Thank you for sharing your memories of your sweet family and pool fun, and sharing how your now your grandson, playing in the water with you, inspired your design. Fabulous sweet little one! It's gorgeous! I think it's my most favorite of all your work :)


    1. Rita, you say the nicest things! I really had fun with this hop - thank you so much for hosting. And I LOVE the blueberry necklace you made!

  8. I envy you, your necklace is stunning!!

  9. Great job Sherri! I love the feel of water your necklace evokes!

  10. Can I just say WOW!!! You are amazing, I love the color and the movement of the necklace.

  11. Your necklace is 'a dream'!!! Pure water colours and movement... I love it!

  12. I just love this piece! I can almost feel the waves as I look at it.

  13. That is a lot of work and it turned out great!

  14. When I saw your name on the list of participants I couldn't wait to see what you would come up with!! I love your work and this piece is no exception!! I love it!!

  15. I'm with you Sherri, more months of summer is what's needed!!! I love your ode to water, it's fabulous!

  16. It is truly a beautiful testament to the pattern of water Sherri! I know exactly what you mean about the difficulty of freeform. I have to constantly talk to myself as I'm making it, because I want to create a pattern so badly. :) I love the spirals on the rope, that looks so very cool!

  17. I'm always in awe of your gorgeous creations and love to drool over them. This one is by far my favorite! So stunning - so perfectly 'water'! (which is a favorite of mine anytime of year!) You inspire me to keep trying my hand at more macrame patterns, that's for sure. The photo of your family is lovely - they do grow up so fast though, don't they?! Great post!

    1. Thank you! I'm on a mission to revive macrame - how am I doin'? LOL

  18. Sherri...I am an admirer of your works... :)
    your work is very stunning..!
    I love this necklace too & love your post...
    you're very talented...I hope someday I can work with macrame... :)

  19. This is just so beautiful!!! It does make you feel...just feel. Restful but not boring and so interesting!!! Love it! Have a Blessed day!!!

  20. What a unique piece. I love the color and design--amazing.

  21. Stunning. Really gorgeous. What made me go back to beading was the work of Robin Atkins. She does completely free and unplanned bead embroidery. In the moment, do what feels right, let if flow, great stuff. Your concept was so full of potential it seems to me that your lovely necklace seemed to carry you along and make itself. How fun! You should try more freeform pieces!!!

  22. I absolutely adore the little swirls in your freeform macrame jewelry piece! How beautiful! It really does look like rippling water! :)


  23. Oh wow that is awesome. Flowing and whirling like little eddies in a stream. Gorgeous.

  24. Wow, your necklace is just like water. Amazing.

  25. es muy bonito, me gustaria ver como se hace el cordon,.Gracias

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