December 2, 2013

Twelve Days of Creativity, Day 1 Twelve Days of Creativity Day 1

The amazing Ms. Donna Kato and her team at have been working hard and are bringing us the Twelve Days of Creativity.  I'm tickled to say my new Spiral Micro Macrame class is being featured on Day 1!  And what exactly does that mean for you, you might ask?  Well, if you're interested in learning micro macrame, this class, and all of the others I've done for CraftArtEdu are available at a reduced price until Friday.  

I don't mean to sound like a commercial here, but there's a reason I chose to offer my classes through  They are committed to bringing you only the best classes and making sure each and every one of their customers is satisfied.  And they back that up with a 100% money back guarantee.  Add to that the fact that once you purchase a class, it's yours forever and it's just about perfect, isn't it?  View your class whenever you want.  As many times as you want.  In the comfort of your own home.

My new class will teach you how to make a knotted micro macrame spiral rope that you can use to make a bracelet like this:

Knotted micro macrame spiral rope bracelet by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame

Pretty, isn't it!  The polymer clay bead that inspired this piece is by Tania Spivey of Moobie Grace.  I pulled the colors from the bead, then added some flower bud cord ends to complete the look.  I cover how to do this, step by step, in the class.  With still photos and videos.

And what else does the Twelve Days of Creativity have to offer?  Tips and hints and tricks from some great artisans, that's what!  Want to see what I do to get past a creativity slump?  You can find out here.  I can't wait to see what these folks come up with for the next eleven days, and you can bet I'll be watching!  I hope you'll join me.


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