November 30, 2013

Weekend Sale on Micro Macrame Tutorials

Micro Macrame tutorials on sale at this weekend

A little offer to get you started on your holiday gift making:  this weekend (through midnight on Sunday, December 1, 2013) all of the micro macrame tutorials listed in my Etsy shop are on sale!  You'll get 20% off the regular price - no coupon code necessary.  And the best part?  You don't have to get dressed and go out to fight the crowds.  

If you're so inclined, I have kits made up for most of the tutorials. 

You can find them in my Etsy shop.  And don't forget, if you need a little help with the knots, I've started a video series to help you out.  You can find videos on how to tie a double half hitch knot in this post.

Happy Shopping!


  1. I may not have the money to buy anything, but the way that you've photographed these with the findings set out as little faces is just adorable! That startled lobster mouth just made my day!

    1. Hahahahaha - photography is not my favorite part of the whole routine, and photographing kits is particularly uninspiring. I have to make my fun where I can find it :) Thanks for noticing!


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