November 7, 2013

The Darker Side of Raku

Micro Macrame bracelets in raku colors by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame

If you've been following along, you know I've been working with some raku pieces from Star Spirit Studio and playing with the beads and cord from this big pile:

Raku color palette with cords and seed beads

I had a customer call dibs on the horse piece in the upper right part of this photo - before I'd even had a chance to make something with it!  I asked her what colors she preferred and she indicated that the harvest gold and avocado green color schemes from the 70's sent her running and screaming and that she much preferred cool colors.  Well, alrighty, then.  I can do cool.

Micro macrame bracelet with Star Spirit Studio raku horse focal

I used two the two blue cord colors and the maroon for some contrast, then stuck with beads that had an iris coating (both matte and shiny) to keep the bead color from taking away from the focal.  I LOVE the result.  So much, in fact, that I made another bracelet in the same cord and beads.

Deep and mysterious raku colors knotted in micro macrame

And I still don't have these colors worked out of my system! I'm working on another piece and I'll be back to show you it when it's finished.  Meanwhile, you can check out the other pieces I made from the raku palette here and here.  And if you're interested in making something like this for yourself, both of these bracelets are made using the pattern I demonstrate in this Micro Macrame Bracelet Watch class.


  1. The cool colours are a perfect match for the focal. Both of the bracelets are beautiful! :)

  2. Your color combos always wow me, but THOSE are my colors for sure!

  3. Love these colors! Gorgeous focal pieces and your weavework is beautiful.

  4. Oh wow - great colors! By far, my favorite color palette yet! And those Raku pieces are just so beautiful. Yep - you totally did "cool"! Hope your client loves her piece!

  5. I totally understand why you aren't able to give up on this colour combo - it's so gorgeous!

  6. oh wow, that is just fabulous!


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