November 10, 2013

Just One More...

Raku scarab and micro macrame necklace by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame

Just this one more and then I swear I will move on.  The deep jewel tones in this color palette have become an obsession, but they're just so darned pretty!  It all started with some raku pieces and a pile of matching beads and cord and here I am two weeks later...  

This piece was inspired by a raku scarab pendant by Duane Collins of Elements Pottery.  I made a metal support for it (see what I did with the pyramid shape there?) which gave me a place to tether my macrame and still let the pendant hang freely.  

Closeup of raku scarab focal by Duane Collins of Elements Pottery

I used a couple colors of blue cord along with a burgundy color and a whole bunch of glass seed beads with rainbow finishes.  I added another raku bead, this one from Star Spirit Studio and then transitioned into a spiral rope that goes up and around the neck and then joins back up in the front with a clasp I made myself.

A closeup of the hand made clasp with matching beads and a bit of wire wrapping

And now I swear I'm going to get out some other beads and cord and do something different.  It's time.  If you still haven't had enough of this color combo, check out this past post.

Raku scarab and knotted micro macrame necklace by Sherri Stokey


  1. Cool! Beautiful color combination!

  2. I love this, love the colors and I'm drooling over that spiral rope. Gorgeous!!

  3. I love the unique way you put this one together. Very original!


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