March 4, 2014

An Easy Micro Macrame Earring Class

Micro macrame earrings by Sherri Stokey

If you're looking for an easy little project, these micro macrame earrings might be just the thing for you.  My new class at covers how to make them, step by step.  I've included videos and scads of photos like this:

Close up of knotting around wire

I get so up close and personal in the photographs that you can detail every broken fingernail, dry skin cell and hangnail.  What can I say - I suffer for my art.  There are even some really nice close ups featuring my flesh-toned band aid:

Close up of wire for frame

Oh, yeah.  Look at that - that picture is a great shot of the bandage (chopped my finger instead of the celery) and the great hangnails.  But the need for a manicure aside, the photos in the tutorial will be very helpful in context, I promise.  You'll be making your own little tiny work-of-art earrings in no time.

Cubist micro macrame earrings - new class from Sherri Stokey

Just to sweeten the pot a little, the nice folks over at are having a little sale on not only this new class, but all of my classes there (20% off through midnight CT, Thursday, March 6, 2014).  If you haven't been there to check them out yet, you really should go.  No really, go.  I'll wait here...  

Micro macrame classes available on

Are you back?  Did you see I have my own little Micro Macrame section over there?  I'm pretty proud of that section.  I've put a lot of time and effort into making those classes the best that I can.  I really do try to make them as thorough and detailed as possible and my goal is to make you feel like you're taking a class with me in person.  BUT... this is even better.  You can pause me and rewind me and replay me all you want and I won't even yell at you.  That's a deal you can't beat.  Add in the 20% off and even I want to buy my classes.


  1. il tuo blog è diventato uno dei miei preferiti! Aspetto con ansia che tu pubblichi le foto dei tuoi lavori!
    ho acquistato il tuo tutorial su etsy e lo trovo molto chiaro nonostante io non conosca l' inglese.
    Solo una cosa non mi è del tutto chiara..... ma che metodo usi per infilare più fili nelle le perline?
    A me non passano!!

    1. Adding cord sort of depends on what pattern you are working. There are some where it just will not work without showing. In other places you can lay a new cord along side the old (short) one and knot for a while and then clip the old one. In other places you can just sort of abandon the old cord to the back of your work and put a new one in leaving a tail to the back of your work - then after you knot for a while you can go back and weave both tails back through some of the knots on the back of your work to secure them.

  2. I loved your wrap bracelet class and the bracelet I made turned out great - I'm very happy with it. Everything was very clear and easy to understand, and I think it really helped doing the knots over and over again to get comfortable with them. And the tuff cord seemed easier to learn with too, the first couple of times I tried to learn I used c-lon and it much was harder for me. C-lon seems slippery? Or maybe I just needed the video instead of directions on paper. Whatever the reason, the third time was the charm and I'm working on my second bracelet now. Oh - and I LOVE the foam board from Beadsmith too, that beats the heck out of the regular one I was working with before.

  3. These earrings are so cute. I am ready to learn. I have said before, the lessons are just like being in class with you.

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