March 30, 2014

Soup's On - Bead Soup, That Is!

Bead Soup from Marianna Boylan

Woohoo!!!  Check out the loot my Bead Soup partner, Marianna Boylan, sent to me!   There are pearls and dragons blood jasper and sparkling crystals and I love the little flower on the metal branch.  That ceramic mermaid pendant is by Gaea, and the lampwork was done by Marianna herself!  Let me get you a closer shot of the lampwork glass bead.

Lampwork bead by Marianna Boylan

Isn't that pretty!  See I told you she was talented.  Well I did!  You don't remember that part?  Really?  Go back to this post and reread it.  I'll wait here until you get back so I can say "I told you so".  And be sure to come back on May 3rd to see what I made with my soup!


  1. Beautiful soup, Sherri... that big lampwork bead: wow, the colours are unbelievable!

  2. This is a beautiful soup. I can hardly wait to see what you create with these. I love the big lamp work and just your colors.

  3. What lovely inspiration landed in your mailbox! Those greens are so seductive (not to mention that mermaid pendant!) Can't wait for the reveal!


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