January 29, 2015

Beading Back in Time - a Blog Hop Update

Tiny dinosaur skulls (replicas), beads and cord.

A few of my beady friends and I have been busy this last month working on projects for our Beading Back in Time Blog Hop coming up this Sunday, February 1st.  If you missed my first post about it, here's the skinny:  participants must make something inspired by the prehistoric theme, something from a time before humans, then come back on the 1st and show it off.  Pretty simple!

Various ammonites in copper, pewter, ceramic and fossil

I spent quite a lot of time digging through my stash, finding suitable bits and pieces.  I came up with quite a few ammonites, including fossilized specimens, a Green Girl pewter button, a ceramic pendant and a great copper piece from Kristi Bowman.  

Fossilized trilobite, plus ceramic and glass trilobites.

Trilobites are obviously a favorite of mine, too, as I found quite a few examples.  I have a large pendant by Sheri Mallery (the lightest one in the photo), a fossilized one (the black one at the top), a pair of connectors by Diana Ptaszynski and quite a few Czech glass ones.

With all these fun things I found to fit the theme, aren't you curious to see what I made for the hop?  Hmm?  Even a little bit curious?  

You'll have to come back here on Sunday to find out!!

Dinosaur skeleton models messing about in beads and cord.


  1. What a challenging and fantastic theme. I cannot wait to see this and you have so much to choose from and work with. Good luck.

  2. I can't wait to see.


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