March 8, 2015

Nylon Cord Size Comparison

Nylon bead cord size comparison.

I am often asked about the cord I use for making my micro macrame jewelry, so I thought it might be time for a post on the subject.  I use nylon bead cord, either C-lon or Superlon brand and I use the .5mm size for the majority of my pieces.

Both C-lon and Superlon cords come in four sizes (and lots of colors).  To make the comparison a little more visual, I made a little macrame piece with each of the four cord thicknesses.  

I hope that helped clear up some of the confusion about cord sizes and brands.  If you'd like more information and photos, please check out the post I did here.

Comparing bead cord sizes for micro macrame.

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  1. Sherri, this is a wonderful illustration for anyone with questions regarding how to get started in micro macrame. I like the comparison of the pieces. Amazing difference. Good job.


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