August 15, 2015

Hold the Boats, I'm Not as Crazy as I Thought

Don't get me wrong, I'm still not as normal as some folks, but it turns out I'm not completely off my rocker when it comes to autumn colors.  Remember when I showed you these pieces and said I thought of them as autumn colors?

I've come up with a theory on that.  I went to Valentine (my hometown) this past weekend and spent some time out and about naturing.  Apparently the colors made more of an impression that I realized.  Look what palette you get if you run that soapweed photo through a palette generator:

Mystery solved!  I'm not as nuts as I thought I was.  Well, okay, the mismatched sandals and the snood thing are definitely headed in that direction, but I'm sticking by my color choices on this one.  I think I'll call it August in the Sandhills.

It's a really beautiful area (I've posted photos several times before, but some favorites are here and here).  I'll leave you with this little glimpse of heaven.

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