December 18, 2015

Making Memories

Toddler on Santa's lap (my dad is the toddler!)

My daughter is home from college for the next few weeks and it feels like everything is "right" again with her there.  This time of year always seems to make me nostalgic and as we spent yesterday making candy and cookies, I couldn't help but remember other years and other Christmases.  

That photo up there?  That's my dad on Santa's knee some 60 odd years ago.  I think I would love this photo even if it weren't my father - the mid century feel to it is so perfect, but knowing it's Dad just makes it extra special.  Here's another photo of him a few years later with his sisters.

1958 Christmas

The tree and the toys and the little footie pj's just melt my heart.  

Me and mom in front of the tree.

Then I came along.  That's my mom and I.  And my puppy.  And my toys. 

Sisters with dolls in front of Christmas tree.

This one is my mom (oldest) and her sisters.  I don't know where Mom's doll is - maybe she was too old for one?  I love the little details in this photo, too.  How long do you suppose it took my grandmother to get their hair all done and get them into their little dresses and bobby socks?  Did you notice the drapes and carpet?  Someone wasn't afraid of pattern.

Holiday dinner.

This photo is what I think of when I picture Christmas growing up.  Lots of family getting together - great food and lots of laughter.  This photo has my dad, both of my grandfathers, one of my grandmothers (the other was there somewhere LOL) and my great grandmother.  I'm the one with the terrible fuzzy hair-do at the bottom left of the photo.  Stuffing my face.

Four generations decorating Christmas cookies.

My mom always decorated sugar cookies with my brother and I, too, for as long as I can remember anyway.  This is four generations of us together a few years ago - my daughter, my mom, me and my grandmother.  Making memories.  Last year my daughter had a few of her friends over to help:

Friends making candy and cookies.

And this year Carter is getting in on the action:

Carter decorating his cookie.

 Carter licking the beater.

I hope you'll forgive me if I'm not here too much over the next couple of weeks.  I will be busy making new memories and I hope all of you will, too.  Enjoy the season!

Carter helping.

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  1. I love this, how fun is this, brings back so many memories for me. I love all the pictures and your interpretation. The second picture above with the little boy in footies, I can see Carter in that little face. Great post.


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