December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Anyone familiar with Buffalo Bill Cody?  He was quite a famous figure back in the late 1800s and early 1900s.  Among his other exploits (some good and some not-so-good) he was a Pony Express rider and a scout (aka spy) for the US Army.  He later became a showman, founding a Wild West show that he took throughout the US, Great Britain and Europe. 

Col. Cody and his wife, Louisa built a large Victorian near North Platte which has since been restored and made into a state historical park.  At Christmas, community groups and businesses come together to decorate the mansion, inside and out.  It's only open for a few magical evenings, but it's worth the trip to see.  Each (and every!) room is decorated in a different theme.  They serve hot cider and roasted chestnuts and offer rides around the grounds in a wagon drawn by a team of horses complete with tour guides Buffalo Bill and Louisa (okay, they might be actors, but work with me here).  

Here are a few highlights from the mansion this year:



Isn't it beautiful?  It really was a fun evening with my daughter and friends and I'm so glad we carved out a little bit of time to go.  And I'd never had a roasted chestnut before, so I can cross that off my bucket list now :)

I hope you find a few minutes to do something that makes you happy this holiday season!!  Merry Christmas!


  1. I just signed up for your Woven Diamonds class this morning. I've been wanting to try micro macramé for a while now and when I saw a post on Facebook about the class, I decided to take the plunge. Then I realized you're from North Platte! I grew up on a farm near Hershey, NE and have been to Scouts Rest Ranch many times. Love seeing it decorated for the holidays. Thanks!

    You may be hearing from me again if I get stuck working on my new project!

    1. What a small world!! Do let me know if you get stuck - I'm happy to help.


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