July 5, 2016

A New Micro Macrame Tutorial: Chains!

Micro macrame chains tutorial from Knot Just Macrame.

I have a new micro macrame tutorial available!  It's called "Chains" (for fairly obvious reasons) and is available in my Etsy shop here.  

I spent a lot of time figuring out all the things that could go wrong and the best way to avoid those pitfalls.  Proof:

Macrame chains trial & error.

The final product is a 19 page .pdf with over 70 photos included.  There are step by step instructions with lots of clear pictures.  I'd rate this as maybe an intermediate project, but the instructions are clear enough that an ambitious beginner could probably handle it.

Micro macrame chain links size comparison.

The tiny links are roughly 1 cm long if you make the chain with the .5mm cord called for in the instructions.  I'm planning to experiment with larger and smaller cord just to see if it works (I can't see why it wouldn't).  You can use the chains as bracelets or in necklaces - most anywhere you would use a metal chain.

Micro macrame chains graphic from Knot Just Macrame.

And just for fun, I added the secret to making two color chains for those of you who want to try it:

Two color micro macrame chain from Knot Just Macrame.

If you haven't tried micro macrame yet, you're missing out on a great hobby!  I have lots of online classes available at CraftArtEdu.com (here) as well as the tutorials in my Etsy shop.  There are over 20 projects from which to choose with skill levels ranging from beginner to more advanced. What are you waiting for?


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