July 28, 2016

New Micro Macrame Kits!

So... you know how I've been talking about my upcoming classes in Denver next month?  It finally dawned on me that the date is quickly approaching and I have something going on every weekend between now and then.  I've entered panic mode.  Once I convinced myself that the probability of the world ending before then and/or magical fairies showing up to help me are roughly about the same, I started putting together kits.  

Don't get me wrong, there are things I like about making up kits.  I like the shopping for beads part.  I even like the thinking about what beads will go with what cord part.  It's the actual work of dragging out all my stuff and digging through it to find those beads I bought especially for this that gets me.  Well, that and looking for the scissors I just had in my hand fifty times an hour.  

I don't have a dedicated work space  - I've just taken over the family room (more on that here).  There's no desk or table (unless you count the coffee table, but it has holes in the top so it doesn't work very well) so I have to spread everything out on the floor and root around.  It isn't a pretty thing to see.  

This carnage was from yesterday's session when I was putting together kits to go along with my Micro Macrame Wrap Bracelet class.  (It's available as an online class here if you can't join me in Denver.)  I really do have fun shopping for these kits and playing around with various themes.  Want to see a few?  Here's one with a Green Girl fish, lampwork beads and a mermaid toggle:

This one has a jungle theme with a lampwork monkey bead, two Golem Studio beads, a giraffe spotted tube and a TierraCast toggle in copper:

A few of the kits have Kazuri beads (I love Kazuri beads!):

Oh, and of course I had to do an ocean themed one with a lampwork bead with a starfish on it and a seahorse toggle:

I also put together kits to go with my Micro Macrame Owl pendant tutorial in seven different colors including sage, green, khaki, rose, blue, copper and cream.  

These kits are all available in my Etsy shop, as well as kits for some of my other micro macrame tutorials.  If you're thinking about making jewelry for holiday gifts, this would be a great time to purchase any kits while there are lots to choose from.  Now could somebody hand me the tv remote?

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  1. I love it all. It would be fun to just feel the beads. My first micro macrame with Sherri was before she even had the class in CAE. Do you remember your post? That is what got me hooked. I was at a point that I needed a medium that would not hurt my hands and this is it. Years of working with large gauge wire resulted in two surgeries on my right hand. This is so rewarding, thank you Sherri.


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