May 17, 2017

Where, Oh Where, Has Sherri Been? aka: An Apology Sale

Okay, I'll admit I've been a bit absent lately.  It's been a busy couple of months and I swear I haven't just been sitting around watching tv and stuffing my face.  (Notice I didn't say I hadn't been doing that, I just said I haven't only been doing that.)  It's been crazy with family things that needed my attention and graduations and weddings on top of teaching micro macrame classes in three different states.  Things have calmed down a little for now, though (insert big sigh of relief here).  

Today I finally started unpacking my bag that I took along to classes and putting things away.  That involved checking to make sure what I have listed in my Etsy shop is actually on hand and what I have on hand is actually listed in my Etsy shop.  OMG I have a problem!  Too much stuff!  So many bracelets (we all know I have a weakness for bracelets, right?).  I have 71 different micro macrame bracelets listed right now and I found another five or so that I haven't even photographed!  Yikes!

In an effort to clear some of this stuff to make room for new pieces and as an apology for being awful scarce lately, I've activated some coupon codes:  

If you spend $20 or more, use code MayCrazy to get 10% off your total order.

If you spend $75 or more, you can use code MayCrazier to get 15% off your total... and

If you spend $100 or more, coupon code MayCraziest will get you 20% off.

Those codes will work on everything in my shop right now, which includes all of my micro macrame tutorials and materials kits in addition to all finished jewelry (did I mention there are 71 different bracelets?).  You'll find everything at  

So, go.  Go shop.  Go shop now (please?).

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  1. So glad you were teaching me in two of those classes!


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