June 11, 2017


It's no secret I'm a big fan of summertime and one of my favorite "activities" in the summer is hanging out by the pool.  Notice I don't say swimming (because I can't swim).  Mostly I do a lot of lounging, either on a pool float or on the deck.  This year I was on a mission to add some color and pattern to our very plain deck.  I started with a wooden bird cage I'd found at a garage sale.  It was painted solid gray (sorry, I forgot to take a before photo), and I went all out with color.  I love how it turned out!

The deck is built of a composite material so I didn't want to try painting it.  There are some corner posts, though, that are bare wood.  I conned hubby into cutting me some pieces to fit on them and then went crazy with color again.  

Here's an "in-progress" shot.  I have the first one that says "sunshine" finished, but am still adding detail to the letters on the "family" one.  I was a little rusty with paintbrushes (I've really only been painting walls lately) so the first one isn't the greatest.  By the second one I was feeling a bit more confident.  I love the paisley patterns.  

By the time I got to "friends" I was really having fun.  I chose all kinds of silly sea creatures to decorate this one.  Some of my favorite parts:


We coated them really well with sealer but I have no idea how they will hold up to the sun and weather.  No matter, though.  I'm going to enjoy them as long as they last!  Here's how they look in place:

Did you notice the wind chime in the tree above the post?  It's made of glass and sounds so pretty in the (constant) Nebraska breeze.

I also found a boring clock, took it apart and painted the numbers in fun colors.  It's the perfect finishing touch:

I swear I'll get back to macrame.  I don't know what's up with this dry spell, but at least I've found these other projects to keep me busy and happy in the meantime.  I hope you're enjoying your summer!

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  1. Sherri, I love everything so much. I am just blown away. You are so multi talented. You have brought your space up to first class. I also paint and I am so inspired to paint now.


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