October 23, 2017

Another Micro Macrame Tutorial & A Quick Update

Boy, oh boy, have I been lazy about blogging lately or what!?  I swear I have less time now than when I was working full time and I can't for the life of me figure out how that works!  I haven't been idle, though.  I did manage to get another of my designs previously only offered as an online class converted to a .pdf download.  It's the Woven Diamonds micro macrame bracelet and it's one of my favorites.  I love the contrast of the textured (knotted) diamond sections with the smooth arcs of beads.  

The bracelet can be made using a focal bead or without it - both versions are covered in the tutorial, which you can find here in my Etsy shop.  

Isn't this a fun piece?  I finally got around to making this skeleton bride pendant into a necklace.  I made the pendant last year using ShrinkyDinks plastic and colored pencils and I just love how she turned out.  To make a necklace, I added some knotted macrame straps with a cool spiral pattern, pulling out the green and blue colors with a hint of black.  Then I put just a pop of red where I connected the straps with the pendant.  A couple of jump rings and a clasp and voila!

If you aren't into skulls, I have been working on some other autumn themed pieces like these pretty leaf bracelets:

That's not all I've been doing, either!  I am working on a tutorial that The Beadsmith will be distributing, which should be out soon!  Now if I could just find time to get everything listed, I'd be on a roll! 


  1. Congratulations on your progress. Your designs are so pretty.

  2. In the last 2 weeks I bought 2 tutorials and I loved them. Here in South-Africa I can't find Superlon cord and Macrame is not very well known. But I'm still searching. What kind of stores do you usually buy it from? Thanks for your great designs. I love it!

  3. Another Micro Macrame Tutorial & A Quick Update, you have designed this woven diamonds so amazingly for all the women out there, Simply loving your work and the creations. Thank You!


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