February 22, 2013

Beaded Macrame Necklaces

Multi strand macrame necklace in purple by sherri stokey of knot just macrame
Multi strand macrame necklace in purple
I've been experimenting a bit with knotted necklaces in a heavier weight of cording than I normally use.  A bit of macrame at each end and a beaded loop and button closure with strands of knotted beads in between makes for a fun swingy necklace.  I've got a few really pretty buttons to play with.  The one in this purple number is one of my favorites with a combination of purple and copper.

Macrame neckace in purple and copper
Purple necklace with button closure
Beaded macrame necklace multiple strands in aqua teal
Aqua macrame necklace

The button in this aqua one is Czech glass with reverse painting and a floral design:

Czech glass button closure with beaded macrame look
Czech glass button closure
beaded macrame necklace with button closure
Aqua multi strand knotted necklace
Still haven't seen enough?  Check out the one I made here.


  1. Beautiful! I love the purple one. What size cord are these made with?

  2. This is just beautiful! I love the what you've got a tight weave at the closure, but have a loose stringing with layers of beads around the front. Lovely design. And that Czech button is stunning!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE! The colors are luscious, and the necklaces flow fabulously. Excellent work!

  4. More gorgeous designs Sherri! I love them both but you KNOW I love the teal the best. The texture in these designs is so yummy. I can see wearing them to either the beach or the opera...fab!!

  5. Ooooh absolutely gorgeous - fabulous designs and colours!

  6. These are gorgeous and I love the combination of tight weave and loose beaded strands. My style of jewelry.


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