February 23, 2013

Year of Jewelry Week Week 8 - Multiples

Components in micro macrame by Sherri Stokey of Knot Just Macrame
Micro-macrame components
This week's theme for the Year of Jewelry is Multiples.  I didn't really have an exact plan in mind when I started making these micro macrame components, but I spent a couple evenings making them.  And then a couple more debating on what to do with them.  Necklaces just seem to be happening lately, so I thought I'd expand on that.  I made a bunch (as in multiples) of connector pieces out of wire and beads to match:

wire and bead connector components
Wire components
And while I was at it, I made a clasp.

wire and bead clasp
Wire and bead clasp
And then I hooked them all together and came up with this:

necklace made of micro macrame pieces and wire connectors
Necklace made of micro macrame pieces and wire connectors
necklace made of micro macrame pieces and wire connectors

Ta da!  Wanna see what else I've done for the Year of Jewelry?  Check here or here for a couple of them.  Or use the search function to find them all!


  1. I really, really love where you take macrame Sherri. And, yes, I am envious of your wire skills, those connectors and clasp are awesome!

  2. That necklace is great! I was really hoping you were going to say you had some of the components or a tutorial for them listed for sale,lol.

  3. I have enjoyed watching each weeks submission - this is one of my favourites!


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